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The following conditions govern the relationship between you as a customer and Vävaren i Båstad AB. For private consumers, the Consumer Purchases Act and the Distance Contracts Act apply, and for companies - the Purchasing Act.
The range
Our range is updated regularly. News and offers are highlighted in our newsletter. If you would like to sign up for our newsletter, please send an email to or fill out the form on our first page.


Personal data
Personal data is stored in our customer register when ordering goods. No unauthorized person has access to this register and the information is not disclosed to other companies or third parties. You can read more about this under the GDPR tab.
You must have turned 18 to be able to shop with us.


Prices are stated in SEK including VAT. The price that applies is what is stated in the price list on the day the customer places his order. Prices are unit prices including VAT unless otherwise stated. We reserve ourselves for obviously incorrect prices.
Shipping costs add up to SEK 59 to 89 within Sweden. Shipping costs depend on order value and weight on ordered goods. When ordering for 1000 SEK or more, we ship freely, within Sweden. The total amount including shipping is displayed, before the order is confirmed, after you have logged in.
For delivery outside Sweden, the freight is calculated by weight and volume for each individual order and this is done at the time of delivery. Post-charge of freight charges occurs if the freight cost exceeds the previously calculated amount when ordering at the webshop.


Change of order
It is possible to change a placed order at no cost, other than price difference on goods and possible shipping. When changing an item on order, the price applicable at the time of the change applies. Please note that orders already delivered from us cannot be changed.


Cancellation is possible without cost until the time the order is executed. Effectuating is usually made by the invoice and shipping documents are created. Cancellation after that is not possible. You as a customer are in case we executed your order obliged to receive the shipment. Cancellation of non-stock items manufactured or purchased specifically for the customer is not possible. To cancel an order, the customer should contact us via e-mail, and state their order ID. A cancellation is not valid until confirmation has been received from us.






Bill payment
In order to shop for invoices we need your social security number. The condition for being able to trade against an invoice is that the buyer is registered in the register of population records in Sweden, Denmark, Finland or Norway and is over 18 years of age. You must enter the same address as the one on which you are registered and not have any payment notes. For invoices to Denmark, Finland and Norway, the goods will be paid in Swedish kronor or in euros. Invoice fee is added by SEK 19 for residents outside Sweden.
With your delivery we will send the invoice. The invoice payment terms are 10 days net. In case of delayed payment, a reminder fee of SEK 60 will be paid, as well as delay interest according to the current reference rate with an additional 25%. In case of non-payment after a delay reminder, the payment is then collected.

Credit check
Your application may be reviewed by us in a customary credit check, which means that the Weaver in Båstad obtains a credit report.

Online Payment
Card payment is possible with VISA and Mastercard in the currencies Swedish kronor, SEK and euro, EUR. We offer full 3-D Secure encryption via our partner Nets.

Advance payment
You have the option to pay in advance to our bank giro number 600-4212. Delivery will be made after we have registered the payment in our account. For prepayment, you do not need to enter your personal identification number when ordering and you can also have the delivery to a recipient other than the invoice address.

Delivery time
The delivery time is usually 1-4 working days. For delivery abroad, the delivery time may be slightly longer due to longer handling time and longer transport time. To the greatest extent possible, all goods you ordered will be delivered together. If a product should in all likelihood deviate from the promised delivery time, we will send partial delivery. Of course, we are responsible for the extra freight charge that arises on partial delivery.


Delivery is by DHL or by Postnord. If the package is small and meets the size requirements according to Postnord, it will be delivered directly to your mailbox. Otherwise, delivery will be made to your nearest post office or nearest DHL Service Point representative.
Delivery to another recipient's address
If you want delivery to be made to another recipient's address, enter the delivery address other than the invoice address. Does not apply to invoice payment as delivery always goes to the invoice address according to our terms.

If the goods are damaged or lost during transport from us to the customer, we are responsible. If the item is damaged or lost when you return it to us, the customer is responsible. If, upon receipt, the customer discovers that the consignment is damaged in transport, the customer must immediately notify the Post or service center. If they do not assume any liability, please contact us.
Unclaimed / triggered packages
We charge SEK 200 irrespective of the purchase price to cover our handling costs / shipping for unclaimed / triggered packages. Payment must be made within fourteen (14) days from the invoice date.

Exchange right / Open purchase
The recipient has the right to undo his purchase or change to another size, color or be within 30 days. The product must be unused (must not be washed) and returned in original packaging with any original documents within 30 days.
Contact us via e-mail before returning your package. Then enter your order time, any invoice number and which item it applies to. Also indicate if you want to change to another item instead, or if the money should be returned to the customer. Anyone who returns an item may himself or herself be responsible for return shipping and transport risk.
We will send you an email when the return has been inspected and approved / disapproved. We do not redeem shipments that are returned for postage or are not fully postage paid. Used goods or goods returned in damaged or missing packaging are returned without action.


If an item is defective, incorrectly dispatched or transport damaged, the recipient or customer should contact us via e-mail, and state the error as soon as possible. Specify the current product and describe the problem. The ordering order of the customer and any. Invoice number must also be entered. Customers who return an incorrect item are responsible for transport risk, but not for return shipping by so-called replacement. We will email you when the return has been inspected and approved / not approved. Goods that are returned for postage or collections are not triggered by us.
We provide a 1 year warranty on all our products. According to the Consumer Purchases Act, you also have the right to advertise a product within three years, if it proves to have been incorrect at the time of delivery.

We reserve the right to replace defective goods with equivalent in case identical item is not available at the time of action of returned item.
We reserve the right for printing errors, errors in information, and errors in specification, for all items in our range. All image information on our pages should be seen as illustrations, and we cannot guarantee that image reflects the exact appearance and condition of the product.
In the event of a dispute where the buyer is a private person, it is our policy to always comply with the recommendations of the General Complaints Board (ARN). Disputes between companies are usually settled in Swedish court.

Force majeure
In the event of wars, natural disasters, labor market battles, decisions by the authorities, missing supplies from subcontractors, costly circumstances, and thus a comparable event beyond our control which could not reasonably be foreseen, and affect entered into agreements and commitments on our part, which means that we do not may hold said agreement / commitment, shall constitute grounds for releasing us from our obligations to fulfill said agreement.

We reserve the right to change our prices and terms without notice. It is important that you check our current conditions before placing an order. It is the conditions and prices at the time of the order that apply. We reserve ourselves for obviously inaccurate information and final sales

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