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Laundry Society, laundry spray Basic No. 504

Article number:2252

Laundry Spray - Basic No. 504

A functional and effective washing spray. Used for textiles made of mainly cotton and linen where you want a feeling of being washed but do not feel that the garment is dirty. Wonderful to spray on the pillows in bed half an hour before bedtime and get the feeling of freshly washed sheets.
• Contents: 150 ml / 5 FL OZ
• Scent: Mont Blanc
• Function: Easy cleaning, refreshing.
• Suitable for: Cotton, linen, clothing, wardrobe, bedding and more.
• Contents: Water, Ethanol, Nonionic surfactants <5%, Perfume

160 kr/Piece

Including VAT

Skickas inom 2-4 arbetsdagar

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