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Article number:2251

A functional wash spray that eliminates bad odor.


Tea is known for its scent neutralizing effect while not leaving behind a particularly strong oak scent. We have fixed this and work with tea in the aroma of Teawood. Spray on the inside of jackets, jackets, in sleeves on garments you rarely wash, sleeping bags, backpacks, inside sneakers, etc.
Contents: 150 ml / 5 FL OZ
Scent: Teawood
Function: Eliminates bad odor.
Suitable for: The inside of jackets, jackets, yoga and workout clothes, sleeping bags, shoes, backpacks and much more. Suitable for much that you want to remove a bad smell.
Contents: Water, Amphoteric surfactants <5%, Nonionic surfactants <5%, Perfume, Phenoxyethanol

160 kr/Piece

Including VAT

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